Magnigel Dual 10 Mattress, Magniflex Italy

Mattress Magnigel Dual 10 is the part of Magnigel collection from Magniflex. Is there anyone who has never dreamed of sleeping on a cloud? This has now become possible thanks to mattresses in Magnigel Foam by Magniflex. This highly breathable gel-based material has a special structure that makes it soft and fresh, so that each mattress becomes a little corner of paradise.

Additional information:

* 1/2" Cover in Viscose natural fiber made from wood

* 1" Memoform (memory foam)

* 1/2" Super Soft Fiber

* 1" Magnigel

* 1" Memoform (memory foam)

* 6" Eliosoft (soft support foam)

Manufactured By Magniflex.

Dimensions (inches)

Height: 10"


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Height: 9''
Level of comfort: Medium soft/ Medium Firm
Cover: Viscose
Warranty: 20 years
Certifications: OEKO - MADE IN ITALY

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